As a dual-licensed professional (mental health and substance abuse) my career path has provided me with a variety of settings and skills to treat trauma, depression, anxiety, family complications & addiction. My work in substance abuse treatment settings gave me the ability to identify and skillfully treat substance use disorders, and problematic family dynamics associated with addiction. While at the University of Minnesota Medical Center I gained valuable knowledge that provided me with a deeper understanding of mental health disorders and different modalities of treatment. In my outpatient practice I incorporate what I have learned from all of my clinical and leadership roles to enhance outpatient care for individuals, couples and families.

I provide treatment through the use of attachment theory, psychodynamic approaches, skill development and treat a variety of disorders through Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). As a highly effective tool, I use EMDR quite often in the treatment of trauma and other mental health needs, such as: specific phobias, OCD, panic, addiction and depression. For more information on EMDR, go to Or look at my website for further information |  612-424-1574