My beliefs
I believe in the inherent dignity, worth and goodness of people. Yes, we can harm ourselves and hurt others, but that doesn’t make us bad people, it means our behaviors are problematic and this is where the therapeutic work we do begins.

My approach
My attachment orientation informs my clinical practice. I view the therapeutic relationship as an attachment relationship-- a place for learning to change relationship patterns that don’t work.

And, I believe that when it comes to all relationships, how we go about repairing them often matters more than the ruptures we create.

I am a systems therapist and I do parts work. That is, I see each of my clients as uniquely molded by their families of origin, relationships (friends, family, parenting, romantic), experiences, emotions, memories, coping strategies, values, beliefs, roles, identities, gender, spirituality, sexuality, culture, politics etc. Most importantly, these systems that inform, and the parts that make up my clients matter to me, and all are welcome in my clinical practice.

I use an approach of curiosity and compassion to help my clients understand themselves better, and gain self-acceptance. And, as an experiential therapist, I work with what my clients bring me on any given day. I accept my clients for where they are at, and I commit to helping clients get to where (and who and what) they want to be.

My Clients
As a Therapist, I am interested in working with any individuals, couples or families needing support (due to depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss etc.). However, I am particularly interested in working with individuals/couples facing difficulties becoming parents (e.g., infertility, adoption, miscarriage), post-partum issues (e.g., depression, anxiety, stress and coping), parenting challenges, and relationship concerns (e.g., work-life balance, infidelity and/or divorce).

My Co-therapist
We all heal through having positive, healthy connections. Sometimes that comes in the form of a warm, fuzzy, loveable dog. Starting early 2018, Charlie, my hypo-allergenic, non-shedding therapy dog (part Newfoundland, part Poodle) will join my practice for those clients who are interested.

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