Jamie received her undergraduate degree in Dietetics and Nutrition and Food Science from The University of Vermont. She worked for several years as a Dietician, mainly at eating disorder treatment centers in Minneapolis and Washington DC. During that time she developed a yoga program for individuals struggling with eating disorders which she implemented at both The Emily Program and The Renfrew Center of Maryland. She also created a yoga sequence and curriculum for individuals struggling with eating disorders and body image concerns.

Jamie returned to graduate school at Johns Hopkins University, and completed her internship at The Emily Program in Minneapolis. She has worked in private practice since 2013. She completed the level 1 Sensorimotor Psychotherapy program for the treatment of trauma, and is currently a candidate in training at the Minneapolis Psychoanalytic Society and Institute.

Jamie incorporates movement, somatic processing, and yoga based principles into her work with clients. She is warm, and has a sense of humor. When not working, Jamie loves cooking, any sort of movement, especially outdoors (biking, yoga, running), gardening or spending time with her two dogs.

Jamie Larson Jones |  Email jamie@emergetherapy.com  | Call 612-825-4792 ext 703