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We are a collective of therapists who believe the best way to help is to understand as much of a person as possible. Our bodies often hold the stories our minds haven't spoken, and our minds often have more to say than has been said.

We are expert listeners, ready to help you hear yourself.

Emerge Therapy offers a safe and comfortable environment to explore the struggles in your life, as well as your experience in both your mind and your body. Life is often complex, challenging, and at times overwhelming; we’re here to help you navigate those difficulties in order to live a more fulfilling and integrated life. Click here for more information about Emerge, how to start therapy, or to find out more about our yoga groups

Holistic treatment for your true self.

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What People are Saying

"Jamie Larson Jones and Liz Vogt are thought leaders at the forefront of what will become the standard of care in psychotherapy.  The science of psychotherapy demands that we make the shift from a symptom reduction driven model towards a relationally oriented, body centered, neurobiologically informed approach to helping people heal.  This is how lasting change happens.  Understanding this, Emerge Therapy is a leader in the movement towards a more holistic way of doing therapy.  I am glad to know these two thought leaders and grateful for the resource that Emerge therapy offers to the Twin Cities community."

Ryan C. Van Wyk, PsyD, LP
Founder & Program Director - MN Trauma Project